Feel natural, be natural.

Inno-derma Spa is laval’s premierlaser hair removal, facial treatment and body care wellness center. Inno-derma spa’s professional trustworthy staff are knowledgable and provide a safe and pleasant experience. Located in Laval Inno-derma Spa uses only state of the art equipment. 

We pride ourselves in providing in our knowledge and our consistance quality service. Visit Inno-derma Spa today for an experience you deserve.

Facial packages

3 microneedling
3 Facials aquaclean with microdermabraison
3 facials peelings pigmentaire, anti-âge ou acné
Aquaclean facial with mask

Body care packages

Dermacell treatment for cellulite
5 dermos dermacell- treatment for cellulite
Lipo-cryo cavitations
5 lipo-cryo cavitations
Complete body care package
5 infratherapy + 5 silhouette Wave + 5 pressotherapy
Infratherapy with Silhouette Wave
10 infratherapy sessions with Silhouette Wave
Infratherapy & pressotherapy
5 infratherapy et 5 pressotherapy (10 mix sessions)

Laser treatments per session

Full face
Chest and stomach
Full back without shoulders
Full legs
Full arms
Full bikini
Half legs